few trials, and I liked it, it suited my voice, its a great song to sing. So I sort of went ahead and I just said: Ill release it as a fun single. And then whats happens? When it came out there was this huge resurge of old things. So it looked like I jumped on the bandwagon, or something, and luckily it came out on the front end, as it were. But now theres about 15 or 20. And if it came even two weeks later, it would have looked like I ran into the studio to try and do it. But Im glad it just happened I think it happened at the right time.


Most of the stuff I do is pretending. Its like acting. You go on stage and I pretend to be a macho man and all that. And in my videos you go through all the different characters, and youre pretending. So I think its a great title for what I do. And its suited to what I was doing. Although the meaning in the song is all to do with love, hes pretending about love, but I take it a stage further, I think. The way I see is that Im pretending, all this is a pretence. Its just fun.


D Do you see the whole rocknroll thing as a game that you play?


F I think it is, because, I mean, when I can only go by my experiences when I go on stage Im acting out a certain role. I mean, when I come off it, I dont carry on that way Id be dead. So its like a pretence. When you go on stage, you go through different moods, and you change your costume, and you become somebody else, and then after that youre your own person.


D In your video for that song, you went through different roles, and you also redid scenes of very well - known videos. Can you tell us about the idea?


F Yes, in fact, thats what we were talking about. I wanted to show people that all these different roles that I was doing in video, was a kind of pretence, I was pretending. And to bring them back I had to choose key roles that I did in the past. And then try and marry them with the word pretender and things like that. So basically we just had different mini sets built around the studio, and I recreated some of the things in my costumes, and we just bridged the two together with lighting techniques.

















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