Kenny Everett: Now we have another one of your oldies.


Freddie Mercury: Oh? Which one is this?


Kenny Everett: Love Of My Life, coming up in just a sec.


Freddie Mercury: This tracks called Love Of My Life which


Kenny Everett: Pull yourself together dear! [Laughs]


Freddie Mercury: Im perfectly in control, and is dedicated to you dear for being so nice to us today and letting us infiltrating your Be Bop Bonanza programme.


Kenny Everett: Shucks, ok.


Freddie Mercury: Its from our Sheer Heart Attack Album oh no, its A Night At The Opera. God, weve made so many I keep forgetting.


Kenny Everett: Its the previous and its a lovely tune, have a listen to this.




Kenny Everett: Lots of background (laughing) Love of my life


Freddie Mercury: I cant hear the damn thing.


Kenny Everett: Its over now. You should wear headphones.


Freddie Mercury: Oh I hate those things!


Kenny Everett: I know it kinks your hairdo, but theyre handy and you can hear what youre saying through them. I feel naked without headphones [More laughing] Right, its thirteen minutes to four and were going to sing along at the end of this show ladies & gentlemen, weve decided to join Bill Grundy in his cell, for doing naughty things on the wireless. Were going to sing live, the end of Bohemian Rhapsody.


Freddie Mercury: So get your vocal chords ready.


Kenny Everett: Yes, because we want you to all join in with us, because its nearly Christmas and you can let yourself go. The end of Bohemian Rhapsody, if you forget how it goes, it goes like this


Freddie Mercury: Oh God, youve put me in it!


Kenny Everett: I dont remember that bit. [Laughter]


Freddie Mercury: Nothing really matters to me [Sings the line].


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