Kenny Everett: Hmmm, another classic there thatll live forever from the lips of Freddie, You Take My Breath Away off the new LP. Which theres space for in you re Christmas stocking, Freddie.


Freddie Mercury: Yes dear.


Kenny Everett: We re going to take a break now. We are going to play a few of our bits ok, is that alright?


Freddie Mercury: Yes.


Kenny Everett: Smashing, back with another track in a sec.




Kenny Everett: [Laughter] Hey guys, the mikes on! Thats Long Away by Brian May. He does four tracks on your new LP doesnt he?


Freddie Mercury: Yes he does


Kenny Everett: I see, can you proliferate?


Freddie Mercury: Which tracks you mean? Thats one of his and Tie Your Mother Down was Brians. Hes written a lovely Japanese song, which is at the end of the second side. Its got Japanese verse


Kenny Everett: What, actual?


Freddie Mercury: Actual Japanese verses which we had to do, we did a lot of research actually and we had our Japanese interpreter. We flew her over from Japan.


Kenny Everett: Actually you should know Japanese off by heart by now, because you are always there, arent you?


Freddie Mercury: Do you want me to say some of them then? Recites a verse from Teo Torriatte.


Kenny Everett: Oh flan flastic! [Applauds] Flerry good, and now we will split for a commercial break. [Laughs]


Kenny Everett: Right, back to the spiffingest LP ever released. Oh what do you think of the new E.L.O.?


Freddie Mercury: Oh it s great, Ive got a copy of that. And I know you keep, I keep hearing more of those tracks on your show than anything else.


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