Kenny Everett: Well


Freddie Mercury: So I dont need to play my album, really [Laughs]


Kenny Everett: And also The Eagles, the three for your Christmas stocking, folks. This is me talking to Freddie Mercury of Queen, who must be a millionaire by now, what Freddie?


Freddie Mercury: Oh in what way?


Kenny Everett: Financially and commercially, I mean you keep buying these paintings and things.


Freddie Mercury: Yes because I like them. Actually its what Ive been interested in a long while, and now that Ive got a little bit of money to throw around. I thought I might as well go and buy it. So I went to Sothebys the other day, and got a few paintings. The dealers werent pleased at all! [Laughs].


Kenny Everett: Actually, youve brought champagne with you, which is very good of you.


Freddie Mercury: But of course dear, it travels with me everywhere.


Kenny Everett: You make Gerald Harper look quite cheap. Thank you for that [Laughs]. Usually when I come in here, the place is full of old dead bottles, you know. And green fly but weve made him look peculiar today. Right, The Millionaire Waltz which is the next track on the LP, whats this?


Freddie Mercury: Well its all about John Reid actually.


Kenny Everett: Youre manager, well hell love all that.


Freddie Mercury: I might as well


Kenny Everett: Its a bit gay and weird and strange, but it grows on you.


Freddie Mercury: Its very out of the Queen format, really and we thought wed like to do that on every album. I think I went a bit mad on this one. But its turned out alright I think, it makes people laugh sometimes.


Kenny Everett: Its very jolly, lets have a listen to it.




Freddie Mercury: Ooh, lovely! Actually Id like to say that Brian did do a very good job on the actual guitars. Hes really taken his guitar orchestration to its limits, I dont know how hes ever going to out do that one actually. And John played very good bass on that. I think its good and were patting ourselves on the back again. I really think its worked out well especially from the orchestration point of view. Because hes really used his guitar in a different sort of way, I know hes done lots of orchestrations before.


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