Kenny Everett: Hes probably the worlds greatest guitar technician really, isnt he?


Freddie Mercury: Oh Id say that dear, absolutely mock aristocratic accent.


Kenny Everett: Yes, pass more champagne [same accent] [Laughs]


Freddie Mercury: Champagne everybody!




Freddie Mercury: Thats the end of side one of A Day At The Races. That was a track by John Deacon, hes contribution to this album. His songs are good and are getting better every time actually. Im getting a bit worried actually.


Kenny Everett: Hes the quiet one.


Freddie Mercury: Hes sort of quiet, lots of people think that. Dont underestimate him, hes got a fiery streak underneath all that. I talk so much anyway, he like to let me do all the talking. But once people crack that thin ice, then hes alright. (You can never stop him talking then).


Kenny Everett: Youre all a very shy bunch really, arent you?


Freddie Mercury: We are really, actually. I am actually, people dont seem to realize that. Just because I go around tearing on stage, they think I should go tearing around life, but Im not really.


Kenny Everett: Good, well done. Ive said to you once, you must have had a classical up bringing, and you went! So I dropped that one. [Laughs] But I think you really must have.


Freddie Mercury: I did have in my youth thats a couple of years ago. No, when I was about seven years old, I did piano lessons and I did up to grade 4 classical, practical and theory. Then I gave it up, as I basically play by ear really and I cant sight read at all. So I gave that up and all my playing is done by ear. I cant read music that well, it takes me a long time.


Kenny Everett: Well how do you work out these amazing harmonies you do?


Freddie Mercury: Well thats quite easy, yeah. [Laughs] The same as you do! [More laughs] I dont know, I just have to work at it and after a while you fall into a pattern through experience. I think Im getting better every year, dont you?


Kenny Everett: Oh yes.


Freddie Mercury: I learnt a lot from our past albums and things. Seeing how theyre constructed and things, then you use things what youve done in the past and work out different things.


Kenny Everett: Oh youre polishing beautifully, its a polished product now. That You Take My Breath Away, the harmonies on that are supreme.


Freddie Mercury: Theyre nice, Im very pleased with them.


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