Kenny Everett: You see modest. Right, from the polished to side two. A bit hairy this number, so if youre a little old lady then please stand back!




Kenny Everett: Cor! How did you manage to get such a loud noise on one record?


Freddie Mercury: I dont know, its down to Mike Stone our engineer. Were very bad in the studio for that actually, the poor engineer has to really suffer because we really want as much level as possible. We keep pushing the phasers up and he keeps looking at the meters and going Oh itll never cut. Then we give him the added task of going over to New York or wherever and saying Make sure that cuts as loud as possible.


Kenny Everett: Yeah, I should explain for the folks, that if a noise is too loud on a record the little wobbly groove grundges into the groove next door.


Freddie Mercury: Thats right.


Kenny Everett: Then the record skips.


Freddie Mercury: Yes, it can skip and do all kind of things.


Kenny Everett: So the more noise you put on, the less likelihood you have of.


Freddie Mercury: So if Mary Potts has got a little dance set, then itll just go flying off! [Laughs]


Kenny Everett: I must admit, you do get a lot of sound on one little LP.


Freddie Mercury: Yes its very difficult to its a very fine dividing line really, because if you want to put in more music but at the same time youve got to make sure you dont put too much in otherwise it suffers.


Kenny Everett: And youve got a genius technician that looks after all of that.


Freddie Mercury: Well Mike Stone is pretty good, yes. That little bugger


Kenny Everett: Yess right. (gives out weather report with Freddie laughing and teasing throughout)


Freddie Mercury: What a nice little chap he is. [Laughs]


Kenny Everett: Right here we are in Capitol tower with cuddly Ken and Freddie Mercury, nattering about the new LP. Which also has this track on it.



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