Kenny Everett: So, if youre planning to but this LP you get that thrown in as an added goodie. The new number one single in Britain today Somebody To Love. Well-done Freddie.


Freddie Mercury: Theyve probably all got their copies by now anyway, so we might as well play something else.


Kenny Everett: Yeah, but the thing is we all had Sailing by Rod Stewart and everyone bought it. Then they re-released it and everyone bought it again. Very strange.


Freddie Mercury: Yes, go out and but it again, Im not complaining. [Laughs]


Kenny Everett: Lets play a little track off Sheer Heart Attack now, because I thought this was one of your tunes, because its so wilting.


Freddie Mercury: I thought youd made a slight mistake earlier on, but this is a track called Dear Friends. Taken from our Sheer Heart Attack album, its written by Brian. Ive done the vocals on it, but Brian wrote this lovely tune.


Kenny Everett: Well lets hear this one.




Kenny Everett: Very pretty. I didnt know Brian May wrote that, I thought he was the hairy department.


Freddie Mercury: Yes he does those, hes very versatile.


Kenny Everett: Ok, this next one is one of yours isnt it?


Freddie Mercury: Yes, its called Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, and its in my ragtime mood that I get a chance to, [Laughs] to do on every album and this time, this is something Ive come up with this time around.


Kenny Everett: Right, a little frilly number from the pen of Fred.




Kenny Everett: Right, that was one of Freddies tunes. I hear youre not too pleased with the musical press, Freddie [Laughs] Lets be outrageous!


Freddie Mercury: It depends, I dont take much notice to be honest. They can say what they like.


Kenny Everett: I find that they slag everything available, they just dont say anything nice about anybody.


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