Freddie Mercury: Not constructive at all. The American press do their homework and the kind of questions they ask you makes much better copy anyway.


Kenny Everett: They pick the good points, and then blazon them all over the place.


Freddie Mercury: Its more sort of things that are more relevant, I feel anyway. You can tell that the youve done their homework because they ask you very penetrating questions which I dont mind. Because then you know they have some substance because when they write about it, it has much more bearing. But over here, its all. Why have you stopped wearing black finger nails or whatever.


Kenny Everett: Have you stopped? [Laughs]


Freddie Mercury: Then thats the review of the album, they havent a clue anyway so [blows a raspberry] to them.


Kenny Everett: Yes [blows a louder raspberry] to them!


Kenny Everett: You keep writing things that are things of beauty that will last forever.


Freddie Mercury: Well I hope so.


Kenny Everett: One day youre going to come up with an LP thats going to kill everybody.


Freddie Mercury: I thought we had this is it!


Kenny Everett: Oh, what have I said! What have I said? [Laughs] I mean just you, I think youll come out with the Mercury symphony in E flat or something.


Freddie Mercury: E flat minor actually well I hope so. Theres time for that I think, I have a lot of ideas bursting to get out.


Kenny Everett: And youve got a film?


Freddie Mercury: Yes, weve erm [Laughs] Hes no fool this one. Hes a tart, but hes no fool!


Kenny Everett: I tell you what, lets go to this one. Im not a tart Im a DJ! [More laughs and teasing from Freddie] Lets discuss the film after the news and this little track off the new LP A Day At The Races, which is dying to dive into youre Christmas stocking!!




Kenny Everett: Thats a Roger Taylor track, and Rogers just had a requiem set for his hair so were all in mourning. Well be back with some more really great stuff, including their climactic climax to this LP right after the news. So Ill see you then, right Fred?


Freddie Mercury: Yes dear, see you then.


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