Kenny Everett: Ok, bye bye ladies and gentlemen.


Kenny Everett: And now heres Freddie with the weather!


Freddie Mercury: Oh God! Hes just put it in my lap, I cant believe it! Weather for the Capitol area; Its dry with long sunny periods, clean spells this evening, cold


Kenny Everett: CLEAR spells.


Freddie Mercury: Oh, [Laughs] Its you;re writing! Clear spells! Yes thats right. Clear spells this evening, cold high feel four centigrade.


Kenny Everett: Oh forget it!


Freddie Mercury: Winds light, force two or three well this is the way youve written it. Its in code, my god! [Laughs] Two or three mostly west to northwest, becoming south to south west later. [More laughs in studio].


Kenny Everett: Are you done?


Freddie Mercury: Im sure everybody got that.


Kenny Everett: Yeah, Im sure!


Freddie Mercury: That does it, you wait till you come to the studio next time!


Kenny Everett: Get your calculators out and work out the weather. Right, here it is folks the climax of this LP A Day At The Races, waiting for a place in your Christmas stocking.




Kenny Everett: Thats the last track of A Day At The Races, the new LP by Queen, and if you had your Grundig out, then you should be ashamed of yourself youve just robbed this millionaire of another 18 & 6. [Laughs].




Kenny Everett: Well what was a civilized little gathering, is now turned into chaos with bubbling heaps all over the studio. Its 3:30 now on the Freddie and Ken show. Any comments on that, because your manager is the same as his isnt it?


Freddie Mercury: Yes thats right. In fact Id like to dedicate that one to a few friends I know; Sharon, Beryl, Phyllis, Serita, Deirdre all the lovely people whove all been nice to us this year.


Kenny Everett: All lady friends then?


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