F.M.: is I can do. And I looked on them and I just felt that was like That's the way India is.


D.W.: Like norm?


F.M.: Yeah. But I think it's it's I think, it's easier for people to reflect when they're in a different country, because it's, to them, that's the way of life.


D.W.: Have you ever known poverty yourself?


FM: No (both laughing loudly) Next question! (continuous laughing)


D.W.: But I mean some people might say how can a millionaire rockstar identify with then?


F.M.: Exactly? But you dont have to identify just to secure money or to help people. Why should you? Another way you can beat each other and say: you should be poor to If I was poor, then I couldn't help them in terms money. Sometimes it is eah, very black and white. But it's like so, some people have money and they want to sort of help to ones in need. And so, I dont think, you have to actually


D.W.: Suffer.


F.M.: Suffer! To to that way. Im actually sort of have to be ought if youve been lived like that for a while. And its just sort of, you know, benefit.


D.W.: Do you think, its ought that the rock-star, seem to achieve smth


F.M.: () I think Whatever, Bob Geldoff has done a wonderful thing, because he sort of actually spot it off. Im sure we all had it () to do that, but I mean as we were doing it individually fine, but it took someone like him to actually sort of drive. Its like a driving force. So, actually, Geldoff (sold) us come together. I think, Bob Geldoff action having flew over all that. And she makes people think, hes getting there. And I think, we can do. Its a Rhapsody and I think, in this case its for us. Im concerned, I think you should thats what you want. Cause basically its not trying to put across your new material, or anything. Its not the paying songs. I think, people identify with all that and just make it happy occasion. And it should be things of people sort of its not the national thing. Yes, I think that we just have to sit back and just think, what can you do? And thats he suddenly think your mother Theresa. I mean if I become mother Theresa of rock-n-roll, smbd rushing up there.


D.W.: Thats what Bob Geldoff is about at the moment.


F.M.: Mother Theresa of rock-n-roll, but I mean, you know, sometimes you do (), and it was one those cases I cant and I think this is my way, and sure, I can do my ().


D.W.: Some people might say that perhaps we should be looking more to our home problems, and an Africa

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