F.M.: I dont really think that people should actually think in terms of because were British, and helping Africa is a (war). Thats we should suddenly say, why do we look at it downstep. I think, smth is large this. It should be universe, I mean we shouldnt have sort of any kind of () or whatever. We shouldnt be sort of looking at in terms of ( nam) or whatever. It should be all. I think, when people storming whether, its were all Were all humans, I mean sort of we should be looked honest one. Having sad that () look upon is It doesnt mean that were forgetting if weve just done it for us I think, we did it much itve been so bad, can you mach it?


D.W.: is that nice, do you feel good to have an opportunity to do smth for Live Aid?


F.M.: Very much. Yes.


D.W.: Its one doing it our gratitude one theme of live, lifestyle Or attitude?


F.M.: Oh, I dont think that we doing it , it will a wonderful notes of that. Because even if I didnt do it, the forwards will still be than, so, its smth that well always being there, to be honest. We dont think about it. And all we can do is to help. Its wonderful thinsg. Im doing it not of I dont pride that Ive been asked as well, then I can actually do smth like that. And so, basically, Im doing it not of other thing thats one way: all the hard work that Ive actually done over years in one way (spread of) because I mean they actually asked me to do smth its silly to be proud of, actually. And Im actually in being with all the (begins). And then I can do smth most far.

OK. To sing smth., and to be a part of its one thing; and actually to sing smth that actually means, it is an integral part of whats going on. And the song seems to sort of conveyed that anyway. But Im (not) seem thinking about it yet. That whats magical, and I think is going to be ( than telling I do it).

In the actual program that you words, so you have its amazing first live is just we have all those hungry mouth you have to feed it is and its probably its like its actually was asked to write a song for this event, and we just seem to have that (singing) Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed
















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