-         Yes. Of course. Of course success change me. But its got on sort of two stages. I would be a full to actually declare the fact that I didnt change, been snobbish, arrogant, or whatever. That was a stage. The first stage of course, I was (), I thought, nobody could you know. I just thought, I was it! But then Ive actually come to realize, whatever success cant be handle in the different way. I actually It is coming down to that. I actually sort of pay more attention on actually making people realize, that Im normal. You know, what I mean? Its such a This shit! think about people think Oh, Freddie Mercury! He would talk to me! I think, it captured it bower. Sort of two stages, I think. Success did change me, and now I was actually change me yet again. For all she coming down, and I think, it seem to cope quite boreI mean, it (), it just come with my situation, thats the way it is. A bit of happiness I can create is my money. OK, money cant buy happiness, its true, Ive written a song, called Money cant buy happiness, but I mean yeah, Im a (happy great) saying that depending on who you are. You cant Yes, Im trying some things

-         You can get happiness?

-         Yes, thats another form of getting happiness its like love buying people presents. I love it far more than maybe they do! I love to see that kind of thing.

-         Freddie, do you feel that along to people, () the sensitivity within yourself, because of they seem much?

-         I (dont) think, most people realize that at all. But I dont want to see border, I mean Im not going go out looking for barrages or people saying Look! You know, that is by me. Its basically finding few very close, that would be enough for me. Having try to get really, true feelings in this business is very hard.

-         One suggestion, which youve probably already noticed is saying is that rockn roll is ruined dew. Do you agree with that?

-         No, darlings. No. I feel that I am the manipulator. I can go with this happening. Its like rockn roll is a drug. But you gather the drug. And it. Its one of those things All people say, rockn roll people, that people in the music business might be ( or be on drugs, and secure all that) Each to is earn cause as far as Im concerned, its sounds like thats a challenge to me. The same way I love this, and, you know you rule the drug as far as that kind of that kind of things concerned, I would like to think that I am in very convene position of actually ruling that thing. Otherwise it would be my down falling, that was a case of a long time ago. Thanks God, Ive got it all to realize that I mean, you know good so far. And I would hate to think that anything like that or whatever rule me. I dont need outside stimulus, I dont need it, cause I have enough fantasy going around me and within me. And thats enough. So, I mean, in terms if I wanted a little wise or little high its like alcohol. Thats fun. I dont need total outside stimulus to totally take all my body so that I dont know what Im doing. Thats smth that really inbreeded me, it said I hate to lose control in that way. I mean I want to do smth, and I have to make sure that Im in total control with myself. Because of mine Persona on stage this things that I key on that way offstage. If I did I would be dead a long time ago! You know. but Im still Im flamboyant, and I like to do things fast, its my nature.

-         Do you feel any kind of moral obligation to the young people that follow you in your own lifestyle?


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