-         My job is to make music and if they like it they buy it. And through that music I think I think, my music is very safe! Its not political, and I dont want it to be political anyway. I dont want to I dont want to change their lives over night. I dont want to involve them peace messages or anything like that, writing the songs. To me its very (easy further). I want them just to enjoy, its escapism, and I want them to enjoy my music for that period of time that I want. And there if they like it its escorted those things dusting.

-         (DW laughs)

-         Yeah. Im not worried about that fact Im not gonna be an Eva Peron, you know Im not gonna down in this trip, worrying that fact I mean my God, I hope they realize after Im dead that I created smth more, or I was I advent smth - its shit, to be honest. I really dont. Cause I was living and Ill gone. In the mean term, I just I have been having far and this keep, you know And I want to go on keep Im fun doing this. And thats basically it, because I wasnt (alive|active) if I wasnt doing this. You know. And in some of that its just a little, a trickle of it comes across to people and thats fine. And if my music makes people happy - thats a wonderful thing, you know. that makes me very happy, and thats thats fine. And if people hate it they would buy smbd else.





















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