F.: Yes and no, I mean, I think what happens when... I'm not afraid of them, but it is frightening, that's the difference. Sometimes when they get too close I think they seem to destroy me, I don't know, may be it's my nature or whatever. When they get too close they seem to tread all over me, and when I lay myself bare on the floor it just seems to be my downfall. Maybe its my nature, maybe that's my role in life and so I don't... I'm very skeptical in terms of that. I seem to be at this point in time I think, I seem to be... make fewer and fewer friends, but life goes on...

W.: So, have you become someone disillusion with the mankind?

F.: Thats very heavy is the David! (both laughed). No, not really. No its just

W.: Well, Rudolf Nureev said that he worked hard because it was the only thing that didt make him down and found people did. Is it your attitude?

F.: Did he actually said that? In Russian?

W.: No, to me (both laughed). In English

F.: Thats very good. (singing) As to, as to To sense, such to the sense. Sometimes you hide behind your working everything that is very true people what you done what happens you just go on to the stage and very gratified and also want your adulate. Thats my fantasy, you know. And when I come back to the reality I dont find anybody reaction (sit) of give me that. And I have nothing else to do, I hide behind that. That one gives me keep going.

W.: But on stage you give this impression that you're quite a formidable individual, Freddie!

F.: (ironically) I am.

W (laughs).: On stage or off?

F.: Thats my thats just another part of me. Thats just thats me having to do my job. And theres another side of my character came to cross and Im just very frivolous and I enjoy myself and what better way do on stage you in front of 300000 of people and sing I just cook on stage, you know. Thats just my nature, just no what I like in real life, you know. My character is all kinds of ingredients and this is one element of me on stage and thats is my job. And I dont like to go on stage, sitting on the stule and do the show. I like to put the song across. Its all parts of show biz, theatre, and thats another side of me.

W.: How does it affect you when you know that you've won an audience that size?

F.: I always win an audience. I have to win them over, otherwise it's not a successful gig. It's my job to make sure that I win them over and make them feel that they've had a good time.

W.: When you face an audience of some 300.000 people, (like in Rio) do you get intimidated by the size of the crowd?

F.: No, the bigger the better, in everything. (both laughing). No, no, no, I think everybody that wants to be successful and is successful, I mean you know, I don't care what they say, I mean everybody who want to be a star wants to play the biggest audiences and inside them, I'm not afraid


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