to speak that out everybody wants to play the biggest audience as ever. I want to play to as many people as I can. I want to play to as many people as I can and the more the merrier, because my music is not channeled for any category. I want everybody listen to it. I dont write music for just Japanese or just Germanize. Its for everybody. Music is limitless, you know, and I'm not an elitist or whatever that says. I only want my songs to be heard by a certain intelligent quota, I just want everybody, 'cause music is for everybody, it's an international language and that's the way it is so as far as I'm concerned I'd like the whole world to listen to my music. I'd like anybody and everybody to come and listen to me and look at me when I'm playing.

W.: There's a lot of energy in you, Freddie, how do you relax? Are there times when you can switch off?

F.: I relax in ways most people can't understand. I can relax by actually just sleeping on a plane when I'm flying for 20 minutes, that's my relaxation. That's all I need. I don't need too much sleep. I don't, you know, I don't need tons of sleep, I can go with 3 or 4 hours sleep every night. That's enough for me. I recharge my batteries in that short a time and I'm up again.

W.: So do you live for today rather than for the future or...?

F.: No, I live for tomorrow (ironically) Quite different too, Fuck today, its tomorrow! (W laughs)

W.: Do you think you could live without fame?


F.: Quite easily. Cause I'd still be the same person. I just My life-style doesn't suddenly stop because... I've always been like this. Success does help, you know, and I just, you know, it makes easier to be outrageous or whatever. But I mean that doesn't stop me. If all my money ended tomorrow, I would still be the same person, I'd still go about the same way, like I had lots of money. AndThat's what I used to do before. That's something inbred, that's part of me and I'll always, I'll always walk around like a Persian popping-jay and no one's going to stop me, honey.

W. (laughs): Freddie, would you one day like to hand what you have now done to someone else, as would you like to have children, for example?

F.: I can bye them.

W.: (laughs) So, you would like, you would like to have your own children!

F.: (suddenly seriously) I would like, of course, of course I would like to have children. I just speak very frivolous and flipper. But, yes, I was, I would right, I would right go, yes.

F.: I think with me it s does (not) make to easy for me I think it comes for me less of material if (know me). I like to fight I think if I make everybody to fight its well. I took (another) group Queen and I think because we all fight it makes its much more interesting as I think many get (cram de la a cram ) its cream of the croup so mean the fighting for the Queen songs is been one of the (Worlds war effects) to be honestly its the best songs. So one never discarded any one from my solo album. But they are good (W laughs). (returns) actually writing, producing and arranging whatever you said () we were in early days as Queen we were (accorded) we were actually did all ourselves we


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