were very (reticent) to have anybody else in for trade us (our territory). So we learned to do all ourselves and keep within anything and there is only way I know hard to do it.

W.: What do you feel it is the hardest part of your role?

F.: The hardest thing is authority is to actually maintain the level of success that you achieved. Thats the hardest thing. Because I think when you go all way up the early places is come down. So, thats the hardest thing. Hardest thing is to maintain that level of success. Because you know it gone out.

W.: As a songwriter do you ever have a fear that your inspiration may dry up?

F.: No, people have actually... I know people actually talk to me about that because they think that you can dry up. I mean I know people have dried up. But I mean at the moment I just ... I think about that sometimes, I think maybe oh, one day I'm just not going to be able to write as well but I mean it hasn't happened so I mean what can I do I don't wake up every morning and say 'Oh look, have I dried up ?', you know. It's just at the moment I've been very prolific and you know, He's looking after me. So I'm OK, I'm not... No that doesn't worry me. It's just something I don't think about, you know, those things. Other people think about that and when it happens I'll... I'll.. It won't happen. That's all there is to it. I don't think it'll ever happen. I'll die first.

W.: Freddie, what you would you say as been the highlight of your career?

F.: To be serious for a minute?

W.: Yes

F.: I think actually, what actually been quite to done (found ) is that we stayed together all this years you know I think and what you think about we were the only () four ground downs and we were stacking together. We all have equal problems like any of the group but we never I should go that far away that okay, lets forget about it. Because I think (we valve) forwards that this its chemistry, that worked. Has really worked for us and so why killed the goose that lady gold make and long may she reign.

W.: What you will done if you had collapsed?

F.: All . My debrie and start again, you know. Its a survival instinct that I have mean and I think whole group as and throe anything we just carry on and do one was drop state something just we just replace. Somebody finds somebody left someone I think we have a sort of mechanism, you know. They will replace me. (Sarcastically) Or, how they replace me, hm

W.: How would you like to be remembered?

F.: Or, I dont know. I havent thought about that. Dead and go (W laughs). No, I have, no I have I dont really think about Or, my God, when Ill gone what how they gonna remember me? I dont really think about it. When I dead, who cares? I dont.



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