D.W.: Your sphere?


F.: Yes. Its much on But I mean Im always like a chapman. I like to see Mick Jagger frightening someone.


D.W.: (laughs)


F.: (laughs) or Rod Stewart!


D.W.: Yes, its quiteFreddie, how long did you actually (miv an aim perfecting as a tape session)?


F.: How long did I?


D.W.: Yes.


F.: A year.


D.W.: And you nell if in back your (hougroot)?


F.: Oh, definitely. Eah.


D.W.: You tried New-York living?


F.: Thats true. That was when I was half-a suly year. It was I decided than that in the end I would like to live in New York.


D.W.: Did you enjoy it?


F.: I love New York, my dear. Its wonderful. But I mean actually when I came to thinking about living there Oh, dear, its certainly different when you thinking of live there. Cause you cant live in New York in the pay as in the traveling touring.


D.W.: No.


F.: Its so different down. And I didnt like that, cause I thought that I dwelled good a year.


D.W.: You didnt worked on?


F.: No. Ive been dabbled with in a week.


(D.W. & Freddie laughing)


F.: I was gonna try, sort of trial bases, and I actually wait and look to some partner, some (like Garden-Lodge) whatever. Its wonderful place. And I almost bought it. But I just I mean, Ive been asked before. This is touches (Government ). But I mean when we came back, she was in, and I just think:


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