Why not? But I mean it was nothing to doing mine, to be honest. Im not to stay in New-York, if I like it anyway. But Queen tax situation But it just I just spelled that I was live in England, I wanted sort of country mention in London (laughs). Sake me long while!


D.W.: Are you guy man? (laughs)


F.: No! (laughs) Ive been looking Its women, and I love to live with woman actually. Im not in the art and the arche they create. I want a bit of farm and a beautiful house in sort of restmond hize (come me up guns). I want be Im a city person.


D.W.: Where where were youre in (), when they were been? Are they living here?


F.: Middlesex In Felltham. Parents live in Felltham.


D.W. So, you keep in touch with them for a long?


F.: Yes. Well, I mean, (standing Im in the half busy in home, if Im away from the year of the secum).


D.W.: Bordering the myth?


F.: Im not seek mum.


D.W. Why?


F.: I am see mother for a while now, but thats because Ive been very busy. But she understands. She comes to the shows and say hay, thats it!. She really understands.


D.W.: But you still got in contact?


F.: Yes, yes.


D.W.: And what about the piping with while persons? Thats one thing that annexed our music?


F.: I call very well actually. (laughs). Im spendicall. Spend, spend, spend


D.W.: Do you?


F.: Oh, and whats money for? Im no to holding many stuff into the my treasury.


D.W (laughing and speaking))


F.: Yes, why not, darling!


(DW&Freddie laughing VERY much).


F. I know several people, who do a shown and rush off the kindness. Im not like that.


D.W.: Youre dare, do you?


F.: You think so?


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