D.W.: You do.


F.: Oh, you diet never, but I mean


D.W.: I know!


F.: But I havent sad it. Yes, I didnt, you know.


D.W.: Yes. And what, you still spend, buying teaks and all that things? Paintings?


F.: Oh, you love this. Yesterday a had an event shopping a cartiers.


D.W.: Oh, shes got love them!


F.: And I I realized, its (closing requirement).


D.W.: Like a shell.


F.: Yes. Never closing Im share everybodys come that night. But it was once. So, we were I right happened sad that it take a () for me. Someone shut us with down, and I wait along, and I felt like ( , ) I suppose, smth end up.


D.W.: How what did you spend in old hold?


F.: Oh God, I dont know. No, Im not telling it. Thousands.


D.W.: You have field day?


F.: I did. It was nice. It was a lot of gentle (cartier) (D.W. laughs) But it was really very nice, no joke.


D.W.: We really got to go cost vario


F.: You dont know me, mr. Pacst!:-) As a mr. Pakst it was very nice.


F.: I suppose, my dears, Elton goes an anger.


D.W.: But it was not the , its not the (year)?


F.: No, actually, no. I love buying presents for people. Thats a biggest true.


D.W.: Thats what else, guys, now it doesnt may access. I love 40 those


F.: (Freddie laughs) Yeah, its fun. Im just condition that way and I just go to spend.


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