F.: No, the mix sing is done here. That was sad earlier its nice to come back to For the (tay)land, its nice to come back to the studio that you do know, and recognize that you know what sounds is gonna be like.


I: Is this the first digitally mastered album. Youve done?


F: Yea, thats right.


I: And what


F: Oh, no-no, dont ask me! I dont know techniques! You have to ask Mack! Its just You just got a cleaner sound, and you just bypass certain generations of tape, that way, you know. Its just a new way of rimming. All they clean, and you virtually get the kind of sound, that you do create in the studio, outside. Cause most the times, when you do it in the studio, by the time you get some record. Its, you know, you loose a generation in the sort of Its just, its basically just trying to get the cleanest sound possible. And you can get. And digital masterings are almost there, you know. They are the cleanest at the moment. Apart from that, that does much technology I know. Ask me about smth more fruity! Go on!


I: OK! The lust album was kind of weve talked about, when we came on kind of (depart choir feat) Queen, and it seems, on this, you know, more funky side it was.


F.: Yes, everybody seem to hate it! It was just smth different, it was very different. We run on a lim, and we wanted to do smth., and I still think, that was a good album. I mean, I know, I didnt Of course, if it is the only way people gage albums these days is if it is successful or not. If it was successful album, than, its a good album. I mean, you know, thats the way I guess you have to gage it. But from musician, I mean, of course, we wouldnt put it out if we thought it was if it was a second-rate album, to start with, I mean But we were we were out on lim. We wanted to do things that rock-n-roll havent done. Cause trading to the black area, and do funky stuff, and And its OK to do things in the beginning, but after while if a group is you know, if people sort of get to know you in a particular way, and when you change so quickly sometimes its hard to gross. And in the timing, and you know, its got to be its got to come out right. I still think that if an album say came out about, say now, peoplell be more aware. when you say I just sad, at that time. You know, Michael Jackson suddenly happen, and and, you know, its being in the right place in the right time.


I.: Speaking on Michael Jackson, you guys good (pearls).


F.: Yeah, yeah, we still Well, we worked on three tracks, I mean, its about a year ago, and we still havent finished them. My sort of projects never seem get finished ever more! (int-r laughs). Maybe, its me, maybe its me No, its he is very busy, you know, and we talked to each other, and first of us go on to be on a Thriller album, and I was suppose to do smth for the Jacksons album. And he is in () Im in Munich. And Well, smth might happen on my solo album, if he has caught smth of my sleeve.


I.: A-ha!


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