F.: M-m. At this time, you know, I might got well and finish this tracks. Id like to finish this tracks. The final thing about that we wrote a song together, called Victory. We havent finished at all. And I hear, that Jacksons new album is called Victory, but I dont think this songs on it. And So, he just used the title. Ill kill him if he used the song! (int-r laughs). Without me!


I.: (very seriously) You hear that, Mikle?! (F. laughs too) Hes taken a (ton of crap) right now from Jehovah witnesses. I guess, he is quite a religious guy. Or there saying He is much, just doing.


F.: No, he is a Jehovah witnesses. But I mean


I.: () But they saying, that he is not behaving like one.


F.: M-m


I.: And he seems like rather clean-living kind of person


F.: I dont know, to be honest, I dont know, how does one live like a Jehovah witnesses. I mean, I ask, what he got to do. The only thing I know about this is youre not let to have any blood transfusions and things like that, which I think is deadly against, you know.


I.: (agrees) M-m.


F.: I dont know, I didnt know, if he was a (), he was quite clean man, I think. And hes OK. Hes all right.


I.: I think, its the dancing lets got them down.


F.: Is that it?


I.: I think, its


F.: Hes got to do smth from living. My God! (int-r laughs) Hes a musician, and I dont know, I think, he does everything quite OK. I mean, I couldnt do what he does, because I mean its totally different life, I mean, hes just doesnt eat meat, and But each to his own, you know. I mean, I think, in the end, music that comes, and he comes up with a very good music.


I.: This been


F.: Thise is a good led. He is really good guy.


I.: This been your thirteen (album)?


F.: Yes, thats right. Eah. Number Thirteen.


I.: God, thats amazing!... Lucky thirteen:-)?


F.: Hmh Its smth laud


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