I.: Is it hard to stay motivated?


F.: It is hard, yes, it does get to There is different ways looking at, I mean, sometimes you just think: OK, youve done enough, and you want to do You do want to do different things, I mean, Im still hungry to do things, but its not the same kind of hunger, its its a bit sort of, you know: OK, youve done this, and so, you think: OK, Ive got to try this, and if it doesnt work, Ive got to try smth else, its not that: It GOT to be THIS, and THIS is got to happen, you know, this is got to work at this time. Theres no sort of it hasnt got that knife-edge. But Its there are many different ways youre looking at, I mean youre more , youre more experienced, so you have to look at that a bit more a bit more cooler (amflet), you know, it just got to be a bit more cool, and I dont know. I dont mean () by that, I just mean, that you just be a bit more experienced about it. You know, you dont have to rush things


I.: (Was there) anything to changes youre import to (bennets) been around as long as Queen, because how can you stay interested?


F.: Youre dab right, we hate each other! (both laughing) We hate each others guts!... No, Its just a No, weve sort of been together 13 or 14 years, and after that time I mean, if you still together, you like each other instinctively. And you dont have to sort of think about spending social time together and thing, which we hardly ever do together. So, I mean, basically we only come together when theres music, so, basically, its a job. I think, we all look upon this, and were professional enough to think about it that way. And And I think, its good, so we keep away from each others territories, to be honest, otherwise, I think, Id just tale my hair on, and, you know, jump out the top building, to be honest, if I had to sort of, you know, live the way we did in the early days. Cause the group has to go through all that, this time, you know, because you have to note, you have to get to know each other in a musical abilities, and this, and thatI think, weve weve done a lot together, and I dont know, I think, now all were doing is staying together to make music, which is what we were initially there to do.


I.: Does the idea of How can we top this ever entered to?


F.: It happened on a () stage, after Bohemian Rhapsody it was like people were saying How they want to top this? I mean, if you if you go sleep at night, thinking about how you go on top, or you did, I mean, it just, it is going to be your downfall, you know. You just got to say OK, its done. Thats the way I look at it. I mean Music is just Its a big consumer thing, you just consume as far as our music is I think, Ive sad the last time, as far as our music is concerned, people should just listen to it, and discard it, and wait for and thats for people do wait for the next one. I dont like hoping on of course, I keep it coming back, you know, Bohemian Rhapsody always comes back, We Are The Champions, what I was, and people take note of that, but I mean, as far as Im concerned, all those over. Those days over, those years over, that type of music is now over. I dont wish to even think about all right about it.


I: Disposable, I think, is the word you used


F.: Disposable, yeah-yeah! Thats Right, yeah. Like a tampon (both laughing VERY much). Yes, Yes, its I like it that way, keep fresh you know, I mean, (int-r continues laughing) even like, say


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