The Works, the album, is a very (count/kind) at the moment, bur as far as Im concerned, the music part of it is over OK, its still selling, whatever. But Im thinking in terms what Im go on to do next, already! You know, Its just like, its It is like a sausage factory after while, you know, its like music is become that way. I mean, to me its just a (laughs) its a packet of sausages, you know. You just market it , and I want people to eat it, and thats it.


I.: But you are then like a sausage-company, improving the product, you changing the product as the time is change


F.: Yes, thats right. Thats what thats what most bands are. I mean, they cant hope on one album, you know, otherwise it would bizz. You cant make 1 good album and say OK, this is it!. You know, how much can they get out one album? You know, OK, you can habit on in your collection, and sort of listen to it People want, you know, new stuff every day! And music is like that. And people do have to be very aware, and change with the times, and see, whats going on, and I like to think, that Queen music does change with the times, and I know, it does. And I mean, itll be awful to come out with the same formula all the time. Number one of being boring (), my () will be very boring for the public, and the pres, we have to feel they! The press are (refield) with us anyway.


I.: And I dont think, (you were the stock-around first of all)


F.: No, I dont think so.


I.: It must tell you another one, I was Monday in the another day, and taxi driver I told him that Im going to come see you in Munich, and hewas favorite than, because he was so pissed-up, because it seen Duran-Duran and some TV show, and they sad Oh, we are bigger than The Beatles!, and hes going () this guys! Theyve got three albums, where they think they coming from?...


F.: Well, thats it, because some people get I guess, they aiming high and things like that. And they sort of I mean, nobody is bigger than The Beatles. I mean, its smtht thats happened, and you just I suppose, I mean, The Beatles will always be sort of sort of way to gage yourself, cause the are always gagging point, you know, trying to be bigger, but I mean, its just You know, you have to sort of to be bigger then any more, even to sort of coming a Veneer smb like The Beatles you just have to sort of start from they beginning, you just got to sort of I mean, like Michael Jackson now, he is in the way one of the biggest things going, because he sold more records than anybody else, and hes won Worlds Awards, and this. He is suddenly set a hole new precedent, you know. And thats what makes smbd huge and big, and thats the way it It harder happens very quickly, in only your own, well, forget it. I know, Michael has been in business for a very long time, but I mean, to lot of people he is a new artist, cause he suddenly change, and he still only about 24-25.


I.: God, (hes so young!) Its amazing!


F.: Makes me sick!


I.: Makes me sick too!


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