-         I can go on stage and not to talk to them for about a couple of month beforehand. That doesnt mean, we don jell, its the music, that brings us together. Thats smth, that we have after 12 years its instinctive. And you dont worry about any kind of bad temperament or whatever. Thats off stage. Once youre go on stage it jells, and it calls been professional, I guess.

-         What do you think is kept the band together and so, in tactile, the same personal for so many years?

-         Money! (smiling)

-         Why? Thats doesnt seeing to be a motivating force for many other bands! (smiling)

-         Oh, we love the money! If they say that we dont like the money they talk another there us, to be honest. (smiling) No, really money is a part of the deal. But the other thing also after no, to be honest, to honest and serious note Well, we just want to make a music, and just because youve made a lot of money and youre successful it doesnt mean its enough. This is a hardest time for us. This is a big test. You know weve been in the business 12 years, records still sell, and to keep it going, that much better its hard. I sad I dont want to give up now - I have nothing else to do!


( , )

-         Oh Mary-Antoinette!

-         What would you talk about to Mary-Antoinette?

-         Jewels! (laughing; int-r laughs VERY much!)
















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