Queen interview at Live Aid rehearsal

Morning TV program "Rockn roll royalty", 1985
from Queen. Rock Montreal & Live Aid DVD)


Brian: It was actually at the BPI awards that we went to, to collect an award, and Geldof was a few tables away and came over and said, How about doing this thing?. And he said We are going to have this, and this, and this, and this. And we said Or, yeah, Im sure. You know, thinking that it was an almost impossible thing to get together. But we said Yes, wed be interested. Than a bit later on, he rang up and said, Look, Brian, I have to have a commitment, you know? And so, we sort of talked about it a bit more, and it seemed like we were all very keen to do it, you know?

I: Is that because you support the cause and want to do your bit, or because its such a unique rock event, that you cant afford to miss out, in a way?

Brian, Freddie, Roger: Good question!

Freddie: Probably a little bit of both, actually. To answer that honestly, its a bit of both. Actually, you know, because I think it is a very good cause, and initially, I think we would have liked to have taken part in the Band Aid single, but I think, we were in separate part of the globe. And so, the second bush at it was this thing. And also the fact that some of the biggest and best-known groups around the world are taking part, why no us? So, I think it makes me, personally proud to, sort of, be part of it, actually.

I: Was it difficult to choose numbers for a 20-minutes set? Do you find, that you have to stick to your best-known numbers?

Brian: Yes, weve just been talking about that. It is pretty hard to make the choice. You have to be very concise.

Roger: Yes, we dont really know guite what to do. You know, whether to play the hits or to try and do something new. But I think in 20 minutes, really, weve got to play things that people know and will recognize, you know, in Turkey, or wherever theyre watching it, maybe (all smiling). Hopefully.

Brian: Anything goes.

Freddie: So were still squabbling over that fact, thats what hes trying to say, huh? (Others laughing)

I: Youre known for the spectacle of your live performances, for the backdrops of the expansive lighting rigs. It is gonna to be difficult to cope with the, sort of, sparsity of Wembley?

Brian: Well, it all comes down to if you can play or not, really. Which is nice, really, its a way, because I think, probably, theres probably an element of people who think that groups like us cant do it without the extravagant backdrop but well see, yeah.

I: After 13 years, do you still get excited about this sort of live performance?

Freddie: This one especially.

Brian: Its a great, yeah.

Freddie: We still like to play and fool around.

I: What about the number that you two are going to be performing towards the end, towards the finale? Whats the story behind that?

Freddie: Well, actually, it seems that it looks as if we actually wrote it for this occasion, but we didnt, actually, it was done a long time before that. It seems to fit the bill, actually, so I think they opted out and said, well, why dont the two of us Because I mean, during a Queen show, its just the two of us that actually are playing. Roger and John actually go and have a drink of something. But so we werent really going to do that one, but it seems to be very, sort of, of a part to the show. Its very meaningful and so we are going to do it.

I: Tell me a little bit about it.

Freddie (to Brian): Or, you tell her.

Brian (smiling): It came about when wed almost finished recording the album The Works, actually. And wed been throwing stuff of because there wasnt room for it, and in the end we threw off so much that we said: Theres a little hole here, it just needs something. And actually, Mack, who was producing us, said Why dont you do something really simple? You know, just write a song. And Freddie and I were there late one night, and we just came up with these thing. It was very quick. And we just had this particular thing in mind, you know. The whole business of Africa was in our minds. And thats the way it came out.

I: Saturdays meant to be all for a good cause, and theres arent meant to be any egos involved? But are so

(everybody smiling) Oh, no, no egos at all, no!

I: But are so many superstars going to find it difficult in each others, sort of, personal spaces?

Roger: Complete, totally impossible.

Brian: It should be hilarious.

Freddie: Its gonna be chaos. I thing its going to be chaotic, yes. It has to be. I mean, were not We are not all wonderfully well-behaved kids, are we? (smiling). But thats going to, sort of, actually be the nice part of it, actually. Theres be lots of frictions, (and rumors) and were all gonna try and outdo each other, I guess. But were just gonna go and play.

Brian: Thats right. You want to give something special, really, cause thats what its all about. You know, not a regular thing. So everybodys gonna be out there giving their best, and thats what its about. Make some money for those people. As Geldof says, thats what it comes down to, you know? We can all have a great time, and I think we will, but it comes down to the fact that its gonna make tons of money. And for a change, the moneys gonna go to the right place.