The story of Queen



About "Smile" times and early "Queen"

piano lessons when I was in boarding school, and of course I didnt think at that time that I was going to make music my career, but I was always interested in music, I think always had a musical streak. So it was I used to sing alone, I was in the choir, and

I remember that was time we were actually sharing flats together, while we were in the different bands. And one time they wanted their singer decided to leave, and they were all () singers, and this and that And I was right under their nose, it was so funny. And () actually account to them to ask me.

Roger and I were reaping people of before (laughs) we just sold some antique clothes and things, just to make enough money to eat at that time before we actually had a contract. And those days we hadnt really made up our minds that we gonna make it you know, commitment. Because, you know, Brian still wanted to do his DSC and things, and you cant you know, you cant be successful in this game if you have ties, you just have to give up everything, you really have to.

Because I am such a phosphor character. They were in Smile, and I said: I cant join you and become You know, its just like the way I feel is when smb new takes smbs place, its just everything is gotta be new. And so, this was a completely new chemical reaction. And it had to have a new meaning and title and everything. So we felt fresh!

We hated it. But it was just an outrageous thing at that time - you know, in the days of so-called it was called glam, rock, or whatever, you know. And in those days stars were painting their faces, and it was David Bowie time and Roxy Music In a way, its sort of happening again, I mean, it was just a frame that people were going through. I think the name Queen actually defeated that time.

Killer Queen was like the first single that broke ground worldwide. I think, in England and Britain "Seven Seas of Rhye" - thats the track that actually broke ice in England, but I dont think it did anything anywhere else. But Killer Queen paid the way.

About "Bohemian Rhapsody"

thats when so-called volcano erupted, it was suddenly just one bang, you know.

With "Bohemian Rhapsody" it was basically I was writing three songs, and they all should be different. I just cant finish hem, and just thought oh, dammit, Ill just put the three together! (smiles)

It was one of the first videos, that actually got the attention. The type of attention that videos are getting now the need to sell records.

How did I become a singer? Oh, I dont know! (laughs) Probably, its just No, because, I told you, I like to sing. (And we just involved the mere) and made came in terms of being (). I didnt want to be a drummer () the drums back. Well its how its just as mad as I am now. I mean, I look at some of my pictures, and I think: "Oh, no, how could you done that?!" I remember, when I was with the long hair, black fingernails, and I looked like a real tart! (laughs and a bit ashamed). Oh, God!...

I mean, it is worth it all you could play like, you know We write ballads, we write heavy stuff, so sometimes weve been compared to Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple, oh yes! (ironically)

About "We Are The Champions"

I wanted to write a song that everybody could sing along, like a football champ and things like that. And in the same time I thought, itll be nice to Its a winning song, you know, and its meant for everybody. We have to say, we are the champions", but it doesnt mean, its us, its for I can just imagine people going for a game, and if their team wins, they say "Yeah, we are the champions!" Its a winning song for everybody.

I think, the thing to do the frontman is to make sure that he is stronger than the audience, cause sometimes the audience can overtake you and then you (hang it). Because youve create the () up, you have to control them.

About "Queen"

- Its like a like a chariot, with four horses, you know, going on like that (shows four different vectors and then draws bit).

- And who is the man, holding the reins?

- Ha-a, good question! (smiles and screws up his eyes cunningly) Every time I think, we have to take individually different roles at holding the reins.

Im not thinking about it, that's how it happens best. I mean, you know this story about "Crazy little thing called love" - I mean I was it in the bath, and I just suddenly had an idea and called up (parlourmaid). And (she) just get me guitar, you know, as well just an acoustic. And you know because I was restricted in the bath, I could only play three chords (shows) I can steel only play three chords (smiles, int-r laughs). So, I was limited, and it came "Crazy little thing".

About "Another one bites the dust"

...And I remember when It was out in America, a lot of people of course haven't heard of "Queen", were buying it, thinking that we were a black act. And then when they come to see us, our shows, they realized that we are white!

About "Under Pressure"

Number one, I didnt dream about David Bowie at all! (smokes) Its just And to actually dream about making the song with him is real (). Its just that we were friends, and sometimes when different artists come together at the right time and if the characters are right thats more important then anything.

About solo careers

We were becoming blase after you've had a lot of success for a long time. It's quite easy to say, "Oh yes, we're the greatest!' but I really don't think we're that kind of group. We make our own challenges.

I always was going to do my solo album, and everybody thought I was going to do it a long time ago. And I just needed the time and place. I needed to think about it a little, I really did, and having the two-year break or whatever, that made me think, and I thought:"The time is come!", you know. Im 38 years old, and I gotta do that before Ive pass out. And

Journalist laughs: When do you expect that to know?

FM laughs too: I dont know, you mean peg out? Not for a while, not for a while!

For about two years we didnt come up with anything, we didnt tour or whatever, and I think that was a good thing, we should sort of went away from each other. And when we came back, it was like coming back together again from the start, so we start to fight about all the things we used to fight about 5 or 10 years ago. And so of, we go again!