A Kind of magic interview


Полная запись этого интервью пока недоступна. Записано в 1986 году, Фредди на диване  в белой рубашке, основная тема беседы – новый проект A kind of magic. Фрагменты этого интервью используются в документальных фильмах, большие куски в программе Magic interviews на втором диске DVD Queen Greatest video hits 2.


We’re all have our own ideas of how song should be, cause I mean a song can be done in so many different ways, depending on of who is doing it. But sometimes I just feel that it’s not right and like in case of Roger’s track which is Magic, I mean, he did it in totally different way, which is quiet good, but I just felt that it was another commercial streak, and I just realized that he was going away to LA, and I just got hole of it. I just changed the (…) completely. And when he came back, I sad: “What do you think?’, and he said “Oh, I like it!”. It was completely different song, but… you know, it’s something, sometimes you can see something else in other people’s songs, and… You know, I don’t mind them do that my songs as well, we’re all help each other in the way, but that takes a lot of time.

The hole thing, I mean, faq of group policy is first of all that the group couldn’t agree on the one single. Because I mean it was to do with the film, and it also to do with the new Queen product. Because what’s happened – I think for the first time in Queen’s life – is that we were actually made a film soundtrack, but we’ve also made a Queen album – so, we had to trying let people know that it’s not just a soundtrack, because we’ve got other songs as well. So it’s hard to trying depict, that it’s not all one soundtrack, and it’s not just Queen. We had to trying bring two projects together. And so, I mean, within the members of the band as well, we were fighting as to who liked which song. So we couldn’t agree at all, and basically what happened in the end – we decided there should be two singles, released synchronously in different territories, and because the film is out in America first, we wanted to go with the Princes which goes with the film. But over here (Great Britain) we released Magic, because we thought that if we’ll release Princess to go with the film, than nobody gonna see film here till about July, and the (…) got to know, what it means. So, sometimes you have to sort of get that diplomacy, and work out things (…). So, in America they’ve got Princes of the Universe, over here is Magic.

To start of, it was a Queen project as such anyway, but we did only like five tracks to go in the film, and there’s about nine track now… Is it nine? Yes, about  nine tracks. So these additional tracks, which are not in the film – so it is a Queen, a new Queen album anyway.

I don’t know what’s Queen’s (…) were, I think by now it’s four writers, that write very different songs, like… I mean, John’s been writing quite a lot now, he is just writes in one area, which he likes, which is almost like a Art Tamla Motown, and I love that, cause I like to sing songs like that. So he’s very different, you can never call his songs heavy or… So I think Queen just write four very different types of songs. Like Brian writes from the guitar, so we have that element, and Roger I think writes from the drums, he is sort of crosses over a lot. So we have all kinds of things.

The question is like – you’ve achieved everything – what else is there? But the thing is I have nothing else to do, I mean, I don’t know… I can’t become a chef or something, I don’t know how to cook (smiling). So, I have to sort of… I know I can stop doing that and just leave on my money, but I’m not that kind of person. I want to work, cause I mean I’ll get so bored, you know, I’ll be so bored. And so I was thinking – I know that I know there’ll be a time when I can’t run around on stage, because it’ll be ridiculous, you know. I know, when there comes a time when you have to stop. But music will still be my thing. So I mean, I have to thinking in terms of what I can do – so maybe I’ll going to production or I’ll still write songs, because I mean you can be quite old and not have… you might not have that physical fitness to run around on stage, but you could still write songs. So one way or another, but music side is always gonna be in my life, you know.



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