Interview with Freddie Mercury in the week of Live Aid

Wembley, 1985


D.W.: Why the rock stars or why particularly yourself you filed recaptured imagination? Why do you want to sing for Live Aid? I mean I...


F.M.: Because I think it's a very good course, yes, and we have done things for charity before, but this is like sort of mans effort, community effort, I mean that all of us are doing it together, it makes it much we do an individual charity things in the past, but I think it actually make it such a big event that we're all taking part it must mean something.


DW: So you <...>


FM: Yes, I think, actually caught drying up things. It was while the things were it started with the Band Aid right the record and everything and we wanted on, and I would like to done that too, case I would like to participate, then when the American one came up, that was superb, I think the way or lose of start all together, I think this is just, this is a snowboarding to this, we just very nice and...


D.W.: [...]


F.M.: Yeah, and I think we thought if the next big thing would be happening, we should be left out, because it sort of being in the country the right time, and if we seem to Queen seem to the sort of being various, pass the globe and So, this time if we made nothing, we say OK, we'd better make sure that on this date we should free.


D.W.: Did you actually grow up in India?


F.M.: No, Ive did Well, yes I was I went to boarding school from the I was seven to fifteen.


D.W.: In India?


F.M.: Yes


DW: Did you see a lot of poverty there?


FM: Yes I think so. Yes, yes But over there it's sort of you can only a sort of reflect poverty when you're here, to be honest, if you there, its a norm, its very easy, when you expect beggars on street, and to people actually living there or if you're brought up there you actually believe that's the way, way of life. It's like to us it's very hard, so I think I think, when I was a young baby, right over there, I , I just I was in English boarding school, and it's like you know


D.W.: Yes.


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