Interview with Freddie Mercury in Munich

1984, David Wigg talking to him about his solo plans. Part 1.


-         What I want you to answer is: Freddie, how do you keep your enthusiasm for what you are doing? I mean

-         Money!!! (laughing)

-         (laughs too) Good, its 10 years, isnt it?

-         I know. Well, its What else You see, its sounds very of course, we all want money, and Im not afraid to say that, but of course... I mean and glory, weve got all that. It would be quite its quite easy for me to give up right now, because I have all that, I have money and all that. So, basically of course, I may to come down, and so, its not just for the money. Its just I think, just a long jabberty. I think, weve got to stage where funny, especially in Europe. I think, Queen got actually new list of life. After so many years and been away for 2 years I thought, you know, My God, they might probably forgot us! But its sort of like its been a re re-birth, this is one of our strongest albums, and I couldnt believe that we havent play Already weve had three singles on a top-ten. We have never had for many albums before. And so I just got amazed, to be honest! Its our conception might, you know I mean, I sad Im doing bubble stop buying a record I mean, but we all still be here! Like a bounders, but were here!

-         Yes. Its a good live, thats nice that you () right there.

-         I like twain with them far more than (they) and as far as for seem to involve them much more, and its more danger. I think, were more dangerous now, than I remember before obviously well very sort of ostentations or whatever. You know, everybody say, we were

-         () Grand?

-         Yes, yes! Obviously. Pomping all that. Of course, we still have pomping, but it with element of humor now. And I think, the video for Break free shocked quite a lot of people, cause they thought, we didnt have that, and we actually went tearfully the other way. OK, well try it up, even we called Queen. And for rockn roll band try () like heavy-metal rockn roll band its quite exciting. We got it all role so easily my God, she seen it! (DW laughs). We put asleep on in they!

-         Did you enjoy that?

-         Yes, it was like a challenge, sort of tangent.

-         Its one other () words!

-         Yes, and that was

-         () Its all in the Radio Ga-Ga, and video actions, and that was very movement. And

-         Yes! But its it is a funny way, put it on Thats the false show. And Im trying on a lot things. And to match the first times, where we actually did that song and I didnt sing that song. I go for my goal. I know, that single, I want to break free is quite new, and they sang it.


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