Interview with Freddie Mercury talking to David Wigg

about his solo plans.


Munich 1985. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


F.: I think songs are like, you know, they're like buying a new dress of shirt, you just wear it and then you discard it. I think, OK a certain few classics will always remain. It's lovely to hear that We Are The Champions is a song that's been taken up by, you know, football fans 'cause that's a winners' song which keeps coming back, I can't believe that somebody else hasn't written a new song to take it over, you know, but for me it's just, I like to look upon it as writing new material, you know, what I've written in the past is finished and done with, OK if I hear it on the radio or people talk about it, I feel OK, that's great, but to me I'm thinking about what they are going to say about my new stuff. What are they going to say about my solo project, that's more interesting to me right now. Basically I wanted (to have) a good time its just I write sad songs. Be also whatever have a good time, and just forget the problems and lets go for a little while by listen to my album.

Song-writing comes... The structure of the melody comes easy to me, it's the lyrical content that I find hard. just like to write nice little catchy tunes, lyric I find that hard because I'm not a poet and I hate writing lyrics anyway. I wish somebody else could do it. I wish I had a Bernie Taupin. Mind you but I'm not like that, I like to do it all myself anyway. I'm a greedy bitch.

W. (laughs) Is there can be something very special on the (album) whatever mind flat because you had formed didnt you?

F.: Thats very easy, very straight form is cover.

W.: That is Made in Heaven. We not can see you with the wings

F.: Or, no, no, no there were clipped of a long time ago. (How much Come on of a flamboyant).

W.: There we got phrase a lot. But we go on to have do this. Lets talk about another track, Mr Bad Guy.

F.: Yes, Mr Bad Guy. Thats me! (Both laugh)

W.: What made you give the streapment with the meaning of philharmonic?

F.: I wanted a song that had absolute full orchestration because I mean, in terms of Queen, weve always wanted a song that had full orchestra, that came in studio. But we always seem to sort of at the last minute deny the fact that that we wanted orchestra, because I mean in a very genuine way because I mean Brian could re-created the orchestra with his guitar, so weve always had that kind of thing. And we always missed out on in. I think, you can go through all Queen albums, there is only one song that actually had fully fletched orchestra. And I thought: right, Im gonna do it, Ill be the first one to I thought its a wonderful opportunity. So, I just had The Munich Philharmonic orchestra come in a and just go wild, and thats the out comes, and Im very


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