Interview with Freddie Mercury talking to David Wigg

about his solo plans.


Munich 1985. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


W.: There must turns you when do you needs to turn to someone and speak to someone about your personal problems of

F.: No, no, I have a lot of

W.: very important decision perhaps in your life

F.: True I have

W.: Is a one person you turned to

F.: True, I have a lot of lot of mirrors (laughed). I do not everyone people I turned to The only one is Mary, she was my girlfriend for a long time, and you know we are not together right now, I (suffered.) for a lot and she is a only one friend I was taken I can (defeat) to. I have a lot of friends, so called friends you know. A really true friend for me has to be very strong put up with me, and I think Mary is go on through just about everything. It means I can actually You know, she has the depth and equality to actually sort of adapt me and talked to me about very serious things. She is the only person I can think about. Otherwise I just I (fan) for myself and I course my headless in my own way.

W.: Being a world famous rock star just this is make you more difficult for you to actually keep a friendship carry.

F.: Yes, yes, because I think its harder for other people to try understand me as a loving person. Could we talk about relationships. Basically when we comes about relationships it doesnt meant who is you Queen of England or Mary Portsmut Bobner when you comes to loving relationships youre equal. But when you comes up to turn to success and when you are celebrity wherever its hard to preach (proch) somebody and say look, you are normal (and you need ) you basically have say the over compensate . What happens then - You tried so hard to tell other people, look, you are normal (and you need) and turn the love whatever and when it happens some you come out to your shell and become far vulnerable and then the most people.

W.: So you how you hold on to real friends?

F.: I dont. I discarded them (W. laughs, Freddie smoking, said sadly). I don't have any real friends. I don't think I do. People tell me though they're my friends.

W.: Don't you believe them?

F.: No, no.

W.: Are you frighten to have friends? Are you frighten people getting close?


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