Interview to Nederland TV, 1985




-         Freddie, you are going to bring down your solo album?

-         Yes. Its called Made in Heaven, and its going to be out pretty soon, cause Ive just finished it.

-         Do you sign this album now?

-         It took me about a year to record it, but I mean I didnt spend I whole year, recording this, this is just a doing it a little bit I mean I had to go with Queen to do different tours to the European tour, and I had to go to Rio, so, it was spasmodic, I had to sort of do the tours, and coming back, so it took a long time. So, all the rollers took about 4 month to record, but I've started it in like 84, you know the start of 84. But now Its finally finished and I want everybody to hear it by it.

-         The world been known influenced to Queen by this solo project? Is it just an idea you wanted to do?

-         Oh no! Well, yes, it has nothing to deal with Queen, it just smth what I wanted to do on my own, and I wanted to do it for a long while, and it just took me all this years, I wanted to make sure it was the right time, and I had enough collection of songs for me to be ready, and Ive finally found that OK, I must do it, and

-         The album is not out now, what kind of songs on it?

-         All good songs (smiling).

-         But what kind of songs?

-         No, its a lot of stuff, its very difficult actually trying explain what your songs like. Because I mean its up to what people listen to, it, what I actually say, it doesnt sound like Queen, because I hadnt got the Queen members on it. And also Ive done a lot of things that I wouldnt able to do with Queen, because maybe Queen just didnt want to do it. Ive done things like a lot of reggae-touch things, which which we just haven t done. I dont think Queen couldnt do it, I think, Queen can do anything that we wanted to, its just what we didnt want to do at that time. So, it gave me a chance to actually do sort of thins that I wanted to do myself, and for my own interest. I wanted to work with an orchestra, and see what it sounds like

-         Besides the orchestra, are there any more musicians, working on the album?

-         . Basically, Ive used all joined musicians, the best record fine, and those people like Curt Cress, who is a very good drummer in the band Costly, and (smiling) I think it sells more record than me in Germany, but I mean Ill change that. But hes very good. Very good drummer. He is drums for me, and theres Paul Vincent, who I think is a very-very good guitarist, and I made him play things that he never played before. And in this is Stephen Wissnet his name, and he is also an engineer for the music last two years, that we were working for. I made him play bass, because I mean hes a good base-player.


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