Queen interview in New Zeeland, 1985


Mercury: I dont give a damn what they are righting about. Because what really matter is that the record sell. And if the public dont like you thats when you start to worry.


May, Taylor, Deacon: Yes!


Mercury: And I think what you asking about is especially in England, in the press of ()with us. Because I think in England its really captured, and I mean even I like in terms what we werent sailed - you get a single in contrary goal, staid up in charts its really fast moving.


I: What of in terms of your success is the media helpful?


F.M.: initially the press are helpful, but then, you know, you dont give a damn, because whatever they say it doesnt matter, because the public has their own mind, and they can not change their views. And thats why were still here after 13 years aware because the public still by a records. And (join loose them England), stay is a nastiest thing thats what well never do anyway. Any gain interviews in England. And it doesnt matter because I mean as far as we concerned, they dont matter, to be honest. When the public stop buying a records then well start worry.


weve learned ( a face) I mean, when we were green, we start awful, we had bad management management or whatever but weve learned. Weve learned a rules, and weve learned, how to work with a trade, and in the end we took over the rain, and we knew, how to (farn) for ourselves, and I think, business is a very important factor how to survive. In the same time weve got to come out with a good music, you know. you cant be a wonderful businessman, have crapped music, you know. Its dont work.


I: (Well, its known dared) that you one of the wealthiest bands in the world.


F.M.: Were all extremely wealthy, but I mean, this question is very very delicate, because I mean if you ask us individually I mean, wealth brings a lot of problems. And I think, were all have different problems. And theres no way that I cant believe any believe, saying, who is successful in our industry, to say that he is wealthy and happy. You can be happy in certain territories, but not for always. I mean, wealth brings a lot of problems. Anybody, watching us now and listening us, say that, you know, that we are superstars, than weve got lots of money and have a good time. Its not there. Were very hardworking, we have to work harder than most people think, and the money we make bring a lot of problems.