Interview to Brazilian TV

San Paolo, 1981


-    …Fred Mercury.

-    Hallo!

-    Vokal i piano. Hi, Fred!

-    Come one, Ed!

-    Fred, how do you are you feel paying and singing before the 200 000 people?

-    I’ve done it yet.

(Interviewer laughing)

-    It’s very good. I think, we really looking forward to it tonight. And we just hope everybody has a good time.

-    O’K. And what about you, Brian May? Brian May, good guitar player.

-    Thank you.

-    Hi, Brian! How do you feeling?

-    Pretty good.

-    How do you like your (reeve) at San Paulo?

-    Amm, well, we had a very good… we had a rest in Rio, and I think, we gonna do a lot of work here, which is what we wanted to do.

-    Do you like that?

-    Yes, it was very nice. Yeah, they all tell me, I couldn’t go with two dangerous, but it seems like Rio was very friendly, it was, you know… Everybody’s protecting if you can’t (will here), you know.

-    O’k. Brian, how could you step (…) between the audience of the Hyde Park with 150.000  people, and this one tonight about 200 000 people? How do you feel about that?

-    It’s a very different situation, because in Hyde Park we were known to everybody and that was like a way of saying “Thank you”. This is a complete new meeting. Nobody  really knows what we like, and we don’t really know, what they like. So, this is a real feeling of expecting through all thing, you know.

-    I caught you, you’re not right, and I’ll explain you, why. You’re well-known here, in Brazil, so?

-    It’s we will learning smth, so, but people still don’t exactly know, what it is gonna be like.

-    And abou you? It’s our…

-    John Deacon!

-   John Deacon. Our bassist. How are you, how is everything?

-   Everything is O’K.

-   You have been rehearsing couple of hours ago…

-   Yes

-   …and we had our small audience. Was it good enough for you two of feel that the spirit of our audience?

-   I think so, yes. We always have a soundcheck every time we play in the afternoon, to check that the sound is O’K and the sound found fund will be good for the show tonight.

-   John Deacon, how do you feel about enough playing in Rio?

-   Basically, we are very, very, very disappointed. We just heard today that they were not aloud to play American on. We just very great shamed, because we have come thousands of miles to South America, to Brazil enough. We have all our equipment here, in Brazil, we just all ready to go. We are here, we are willing to play. We have also offer to do the show in Rio for charities as well, and we also know, that a lot of people would love to come to the show in Rio and see us live. And they will be very-very…

-   (быстро переводит, не дав Джону договорить)

-   It is a great shame, and we would like to apologize that in Rio they only gonna see us on television.

Интервьюер возвращается к Фредди.

-    I want you to say some words, if the show is going to start right now.

-    Right now… We like you all to have a really good time like Queen carnival. So, enjoy yourself!

-    Roger Taylor! Roger Taylor! A (…) bateria. How do you feel, Roger?

-    Not even. (…) to playing tonight, hope, the sound will be good everywhere. For (…), I think, it should be…

-    (interrupts) What about soundcheck? How did you find it?

-    It’s O’K, you know. We were… we’ve been doing it for quite a well now, you know.

-    Are you quite sure that have a great make sure in terms of sound and light?

-    I hope so. We have the best people, yeah, in the world, working with this with the best equipment. So, if it’s not good tonight – I don’t know, you know.

-    I’d like you to have some sort of (greediness) to the audience, as well as the show is going to srart right now.

-    (FM) Right now? We like you all to have a really good time as like a Queen Carnival. So, enjoy yourself!




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