Now I'm Here interview

USA, 1976


-         Can you tell us, whats Queen is all about?


-         This is basically a rock-n-roll band, with lots of harmonies, lots of. everything.


-         Can you say you stay one bag to the NB side?


-         No, were not this is one little thing that I think people can put aside is one category. We just We work some nish of there s a lot of ingredients, that make up Queen, and you cant put your finger on it, really. So, its most difficult question, to start of with, really.


-         Ive read about Queen, Ive read that you like to do albums, but even youre on the stage you feel, that a stage should be a thrill show, rather then just a concert.


-         Thats true. Thats two entirely different concepts, two sort of spheres. I mean, in the studio we really work for the album, and go that way; and when we working on stage its just totally different thing.


-         Is this the future of the rock is going to? Are you predicting so? I seem to be looking 20 years from now. Whats your plan?


-         (laughs) Im just me, you know, even on stage Im just me. I mean Im not sort of plan down any message or predicting anything. Im just having fun on stage and just try put across our music, which is Queen. Its rock-n-roll!