Interview with Freddie Mercury talking to David Wigg

in 1979 on the European Tour (Recorded embracing)


D.W.: First of all, what is the future of the band going to be? Because there are so many has been so many rumors in the music press () spiting up youre making off record.


F.: No, I think I lead laugh to spit this of. I think its one of done things where you know smbd is betroing smbd is break up, smbd 8 or 9 years on. 9 years No, its you know.


D.W.: But you did gave prepare () didnt you? When must


F.: Well, everybody does. People did ever whatever types of You know I should call the date. Smbd knows musically we seem to want to do much more England, and theres so many projects coming together like Weve been offered to do Flash Gordon film. Did you know that?


D.W.: Oh, no! have you?


F.: Eah. Some


D.W.: () Did you see people (were) for soundtrack? What else that you some commit new, that rise, what you can in the 80-s?


F.: Well, I think, the next after this were going to do a studio album to finish with the track that we releasing now. We, you know, tend to go on, and we want to finish the album. So, we go to go on, actually finish it; thats a next thing.


D.W.: Now what about peel soundfirm, Freddie? The first moment in the 1980s? Youve got might go to the Covent-Garden sheer?


F.: (laughs very much)


D.W.: How now establed is about?...


F.: (continues laughing) It was very brave!


D.W.: You was very, brave very brave! (laughs too). And what personal things would you like to do? Have you any plans? Would you like to go acting?


F.: Not, really.


D.W.: But you really enjoy this variant?


F.: Yes, I mean, you know, singing upside-down is wonderful thing!


D.W.: (laughs) You dont get the chance to sing upside-down, eah? In the Covent-Garden?


F.: Oh yes, really. It was a (merce) and nerve backing thing, honest, for me, but I mean most enjoyable. You know, shoeing in the wings, and But I have to do it, so its just a it also gates many things outside your your

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