Interview in China Club



I: Sitting with Freddie Mercury, of Queen. Freddie, you, guys, must be pretty excited about your new record deal. Thats what tonights all about.

FM: Really, really! Its a shot in the arm. And we were waiting for this for a long time. As so we havent done anything for live in the last couple of years, cause we wanted to make sure weve got the best new deal, and its like starting all over again.

I: After been together for How long have youve been together, ten years?

FM: Over ten years. About eleven, twelve

I: So, whats your motivation to come up with something new every year, and it keeps working even? Why don?t you have a place so as to hid in somewhere?

FM: Now it would be easy, wouldnt it? (smiling). No, its because were in the music business, and its in my blood, and the only thing I can do is to write music and perform, and thats what Im gonna to be doing, and all of us gonna to be doing till we die.

I: Bruce Springsteen, you know, has been quoted to say when people ask him if he will ever be married or settled down that he is married to rock-n-roll and thats his wife. Is this like the commitment you guys have?

FM: No, Im not married to music, Im married to love.

I: M-mm And do you have time for that?

FM: No, I may not have time for it, but Im not married to music. I mean, thats my work, its my job. I get up every day Its like It may not be 9 to 5, but its my job. The way, I see music is something that I earn my living. But Ive not been married or whatever.

I: Are you romantic at all?

FM: Im a total romantic! Thats why, yes, Im married to love, I marry people.

I: Is there a way that you characterize a Queen fan?

FM: Very difficult. I think, a real archetypal Queen fan is a sophisticated one. Somebody who has grown up with us and knows the kind of changes that we go through. But at the same time I mean we make a lot of new fans cause I mean we come up with very different music. And some people, you know, they probably think that this is the first time theyve heard the band, and love that. I want to be fresh every moment.

I: What do you see for yourself, Freddie, in 25-30 years from now? Getting out of this business, working with new acts, TV?

FM: 25 years from now? A lot of sex!

Int-r laughs