Interview 1984

part 1


I.: I want to talk first of all about Munich as an environment. Do you think, where you record an album has smth to do with the west sounds?


F.: Oh, very much so, very much so. I think With us, I think, always different environment helps. I mean, we dont really going to say In the early days we used to go on the same studios all the time, and after while it really got you down. And we went lust couple years we went other way to actually go to different studios. Sort of we just sort of it was new, it was fresh. But mind, you (havent sad) that I cant to take myself. If it is the only studio we do come back now, just the (tay) land is Munich. Because we know, what its like for the (tay) land, or as for to start an album we try smth different, like the last album - it was done in (alien). It was the first time we have we used our studios f*ck, Ive forgot the name! Oh, God... M-m-m Oh, you must know!


I.: Was it a (record plan)?


F.: Yes! (record plan)! Thats right. (laughs) I forget, I forget, my goal!


I.: Am he need theres to be a kind of more affair, afure?


F.: Even eah, really, so happy!


I.: Well, its happening, but you ()you wont quite sound on Mike, you know. I miserably talking to () Eah, cant you see, guys, that the record plan, when you are there remember what want they was? And there was me, Brian, and the engineer waiting for all the rest of you.(laughs)- eah, you, guys, ()


F.: I didnt see that, really. So


I.: No?... But Munich as a poster you on studio in Montreux?


F.: Oh! I hate my studio, to be honest! (laughs). Theyll kill me for saying that!... Well, I like weve use that as well, you see, and I Oh, God, theyll kill me for saying this! I like Montreux, but I mean only like a couple days (laughs). But thats not enough to make an album. Its nice, its () I mean, it got so wonderful view, so beautiful lake, and its nice, I mean I just I dont mind doing effuse, maybe the odd-track there, but I mean I hate to sort of think beforehand it all be settled with a whole lumber there, or even a major part of it, I just couldnt go through with it in our own studious Munich I like, cause I like this city, I like its very clean, its very safe. When you live in New York and then you come to Munich you just think, you can have your car, you can park it anyway without thinking Oh, God, it gonna be gone by the time you come back!. And Its (tixtifinex ), its apart from the fact that everybody speaks German (laughs). Its OK. Im learning a little bit German too.


I.: But you also did was it a mix single of this album in ()?


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