John Deacon talks


We've always decided ourselves what we wanted to put out as our singles and that sort of things. We used to get involved in the art work. We used to have not really much outside influence when we were recording, you know. We've never even in the early days, we are never moulded by some sort of the record company or the management company. I mean, the image that the band had in the early days came from inside of the group. So artistically we sort of had our own direction and we were self-contained there, and it was just really the sort of management business side really, and the time we've been put together for five or six years. So we have a fair experience of the business with the two different managers, that will be my oversight. We thought we'd take the step and, trying managing ourselves really.

There're two main campanies, one of which is "The Queen Production", which is really for the English services, maybe the time is in England. And we have one called "Rain Cloud Production", which is through the overseas services we do, which tends to the more active one now as we do most of our recordings overseas.The studio, well Jim Beach tends to take a very active interest in that 'cause he actually has three staff there. And after that it's mainly Roger and myself. That's the way it's gone and Brian and Freddie are quite happy fit to be like that. So that the way carries on so that something happened naturally, so any sort of decision on that if Jim doesn't, if he wants to ask, he ask me and Roger, and that will be. I am the only one who really keeps an eye on basically how much money is coming in, going out, and most of the position we'er in. And also that...there are overall strategy of the business side. He's correct, you know. By the physics at school A-levels, 3 A-levels, I went on to do electronics in university in three years for that, which involved a lot of maths as well, (phew) quite a lot of maths.

Money is not the drive so much now. I mean there was a period when worthwhile, because, you know all those years of high tax deduction, we didn't really get much out of it. So we had a period we went a...we were more conscious about earning. So money out of it, with that, that's all settled down, that's going the past. And because our records sell around the world, I mean, everybody should be recently financely secure for the rest of their lives... and track your way.

In England we live in a semi-detached Victorian house, 'cos we like Victorian houses, you know. Not quite beginner for main move if I find somewhere else in three years. But,...we live in West London fairly close in..., I quite like really. You know, my children go to a local, local catholic school just down the road. It's quite neighbourly really. I wouldn't...the difficult thing in living in a big house in London is that you can get very isolated, you know, and it's very nice just to walk around and go down to the High Street, going to Smiths and Boots, Woolworths, you know, have everything's very handy. I quite like that.

But we actually has bought a house in America as well, which is mainly at the moment a holiday home.



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