Freddie in Linear notes TV program 1984


-         I mean to going on, getting out my brain in alcohol and having a good time. Thats the issue Im worried about. (int-r laughs very much)


( Hot Space)

-         We were going to this black mode, what was, basically, my idea. I think, it obviously do that well, but was something I think, it was we had obvious time.

-         We do what we feel. We feel like doing. And at that time we felt, that was right.


( The Works)

-         I think, it made us to play little safer, to be honest. I think, the other three Roger, John and Brian would be worried about, you know, my kind of sort of songs, going off on a tangent, and to be honest, I didnt I probably was the only one who wasnt much worry about it. I mean, just cause of an album doesnt sell it doesnt mean. Youve finished, and just have to come back and do, you know, what youve best done.


( Radio Ga-Ga)

-         Basically, that song initially was written by Roger. And he wrote it round The way he had initially planned was that radio is on a way out, and that video is taken over, what people gonna do. And after lyrics came across, I thought it was a bit to heavy. I thought, it just You know, its not sort of seen to do things like that. So, we changed around.


( )

-         You know, after 12 years being together weve bored to death to each other, to be honest. And you want to do smth other than just Queen, Queen, Queen. I mean, I like Queen, I like Queen very much, but I mean I dont want to end up life, living of caught at. Its just Im 37 years old, and I want to do smth different. And its about term I did get to them all or been a vulture


( )

-         I dont get on with them at all. I really dont. You know, its to say Music its like its like work. And its like going to work. 9 to 5 except, its not 9 to 5. When the work is finished, I go my way, and they go their ways.


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