Making of Princes of the Universe, TV 1986


(из интервью о работе над «Горцем»)

-         You built yourself a monster, really. Into a sort of, you know, the bite-bite. So… I need the challenge, and I just staying up there, and all that new groups coming out. So, that’s the challenge.


(слова Джона)

-         Oh, we argue of everything. Everything. Music, albums, you know, politics… anything. The color of the sky:-)


(Фредди о слухах о распаде группы)

-         Oh, we hate each other! But we carry on! No, we’re sort of fight… like cats and dogs, but I mean we always done it. I’m not saying, that we completely hate each other, you know, there are fights, and we’re going not breaking up! We’re still here.

-         Why aren’t you breaking up?

-         (laughs) Cause we like it! We like been “Queen” actually, you know.


-          (Pleasure) get all doing, do you - yourself? Or you find it more difficult to perform on stage?

-         I should be doing it, and we will chase together, don’t worry!

-         It’s out, it’s gone. Think of smth else.















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