Brian May interview

(from "Freddie Mercury & Brian May of Queen Interviews" DVD)


Interviewer: Hahaha! You know, I heard a lot of my guys when we were in England went over to the show in Wales. (Brian: And we saw them. Yeah!) And they loved the show they just said it was such a great, a unique kind of way to approach it

Brian: Oh great, Im glad they enjoyed it, yeah yeah. You must come there yourself and well well er.. well well exchange notes.

Interviewer: You know what, were probable gonna to be on the road at the same time. Youre coming into the StatesermI know coming up pretty soon (Brian: Wonderful). And were gonna be were gonna be in Europe most of July.

Brian: All right.

Interviewer: But how long are you gonna be in the States there?

Brian: Well not very long on this . But the current plan is to toerm well actually to come into Aruba, which is a long story, dont even ask. And (Interviewer: Haha!) and then to do in New York and LA. And make a little noise, and then hip-hop off to Japan, where we have erm an offer to do some fairly big stuff and then get back to the States to do the main stuffer.. in the spring.

Interviewer: Right so LA and New York are just like the teasers to get a get the vibe going but. You know, youre gonna sell out everything!

Brian: Ah well you know, I dont take anything for granted, you know. It it would be nice, but er well just see, you know.

Interviewer: I think therere are just so many loyal fans of Queen, you cant find anybody that doesnt love Queen.. and then the allied attraction of you know er having him as a lead singer is just you know everybody loves his voice too We call him The Voice.

Brian: Paul a phenomenon. I mean the funny thing is why didnt we think of it before, I suppose. Haha Paul Rodgers is just

Interviewer: Well I its almost probably one of those things where theres a certain amount of time that you have to let go (Brian: Hmm) erm by, before you know you can even think about putting somebody else in Freddies place. And then all of a sudden Its ok then, you know

Brian: Yeah well I was the guy who resisted it most, I suppose.. and in a sense I still do. You know, I dont want anybody taking Freddies place.. Andthe the great thing (Interviewer: No, I am) You know what Im saying. The great thing about Paul is that hes different (yeah sure) and we approach everything in a different way. And its (Interviewer: Exactly) its new life rather than trying to restart the just say the old life.

Interviewer: But you know I think what everybody out there is thinking though that you know, heresyouve got Brian and Taylor, and all these guys you know and wed love to hear them come out and play again. And play those songs. You know and becauseyou know Freddie was the voice of the band, but you guys were definitely I mean the guitar work of yours was so signature I mean

Brian: Oh well thank you. I started to see it from the outside in a sense, you know. was a long grieving process in a sense (Interviewer: Yes) losing Freddie, you know, and I was resistant to doing anything, I didnt even want to talk about Queen for such a long time. And then finally you you realize the love that is out there, and I thought, well if I was out there (Interviewer: Sure), I would like to see us go and do the songs, you know (Interviewer: Yeah). And.. theres a lot of Freddie in the show in a sense. And we even kind of wewe actually use hishis voice and his image in in a couple little bits, well actually one little bit. Hmm but theres a lot of sort of the spirit of Freddie in there. And we feel very comfortably we feel like hes in the right place.

Interviewer: Well I think its great doing that video thing (yeah) I think thats a great Ill bet you the the audience goes absolutely insane when they when they see that!

Brian: Its great, its definitely sort of lump in the throat. We didnt want to you know its not a nostalgia show, its aits a new show but it is nice that there are those elements in there. And actually Freddies mom came down to thethe show we did inin Sheffield, in the North of England, and she loved it, she was like, Yeah, yeah, you make us really proud. Haha!

Interviewer: Ah thats great!

Brian: That was wonderful!

Interviewer: Well you know that the the next thing of course you think about is what chances of you guys going in with Paul? To record?

Brian: Hmm well we already did a little.. exploratory bit cause erm the place where we were rehearsing was actually Rogers studio and we nipped in and and put a few little things down. Nothing that I dont think. I dont think well use any of it yet, but we definitely feel that theres something to be done there if we can get around to it. First thing is to get them playing (Interviewer: Well yeah, because Ive been)

Interviewer: Im Im just thinking of the fact that the fact that youre still a great writer and you youyou could write just almost like Queen Part II, you know er in entirely different er sort of circumstances with a different singer and just see what comes out. It might be really interesting!

Brian: Definitely yeah we.. we seem to hit it off very well, itsits a nice atmosphere and the first kind of challenge was to see what happened live and it seems to be great so yeah there. Theres a kind of irresistible call and letslets see if we can make something new.