Queen interview to Spanish TV Madrid  1979


-         We see that your music has also changed since 1974.

-         Oh, it’s not, dears! (laughing, than – seriously). Has it changed? Yes. The music has changed very much. From the last album we came to Madrid we had 2 albums, and now we have 7 albums. So, since then I should tell you the music has changed a lot.

-         What kind it changed?

-         It came better.

-         When you say “better”, what do you mean?

-         I think, we became better writers, songwriters anyway. And I think, we became more success to prove it.


-         What’s difference between the reaction of the spanish people – and the other audience: Germanio, England?

-         Oh, as far as spanish audience concerned, it’s difficult, cause we’ve only played here twice. It depends, I think, on passion of the (…) but I mean, rock-n-roll spaces…

(что слушает в данное время)

-         I listen to John Lennon… it’s very varied. I listen to a lot of disco stuff now, Aretta Franklin…


(to Taylor)

-         Do you think, it’s necessary for group, for the business-show - big experts, pop-critics?

-         (слушает мрачно, но к ответу расплывается в улыбке) Do I think the necessary?... Oh, it’s the most necessary part of rock-n-roll. Especially in England, perhaps. They play rather a parasitic-satellite role. Obviously, people come to our shows, and they enjoy the music.












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