Interview to Venezuelan TV.

Alfredo Escolante, Caracas, September 1981


E.: (on Spanish)- This is Freddie Mercury, the singer of group Queen. (on English) Hello, Freddie. How are you?


F.: Fine. I’m happy to be here!


E.: Thank you. Welcome to Venezuela. It’s a pleasure.


F.: Yes, I just arrived and I’m waiting tomorrow’s day to be able to know more about this country.


E.: Are you ready to shake the world with your music?


F.: Yes, we’ll play for five days, as they told me. And we’re ready!


E.: The youths are ready to listen their music?


F.: Year, foe that we’re here, and we hope everyone will go to see us and listen our music.


E.: You have a message for a young that love the Queen’s music?


F.: Do you want that I’ll send you a message? All as I want is that forget about all the problems, be very sure of yourselves, and everybody be united and come to listen our music.


E.: Thank you, Freddie, welcome to Venezuela.




















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